Creative Ways to Repurpose Your Wedding and Engagement Rings After Divorce

Creative Ways to Repurpose Your Wedding and Engagement Rings After Divorce

The end of a marriage can be profoundly difficult, leaving you with the complicated question of what to do with your wedding and engagement rings. These rings were once treasured emblems of your love and commitment. Now, they may represent a chapter you’re eager to move on from. Whether you want to hold onto their sentimental value or transform them into something new altogether, there are plenty of thoughtful, creative options to consider. As a jewellery store catering to customers going through major life transitions, we’ve put together this guide brimming with imaginative repurposing ideas.

Giving Your Rings a Makeover

Have you considered redesigning your ring with a personal touch? It’s a stunning way to maintain the sentimental meaning while adding some new sparkle. Work closely with skilled jewellers and designers to incorporate new elements like gemstones or engravings reflecting your personal journey. Turn the ring into a pendant, bracelet with charms, or an entirely new ring symbolising your growth and evolution. It’s like giving new life to something so meaningful to you - a collaboration between your past, present and future selves.

Turning the rings into a pair of earrings is another creative twist. This can inject uniqueness and elegance into your jewellery collection with timeless studs or glamorous chandelier styles. As you step into the next chapter, wearing a piece of your history as a beautiful accessory can serve as a meaningful reminder of where you’ve been and where you’re going.

Here are some statistics on what people do with their wedding/engagement rings after divorce:


What People Do With Rings After Divorce Percentage
Keep their rings 25%
Sell their rings 20%
Return rings to ex-partner 15%
Repurpose into something else 10%
Throw away their rings 10%
Donate rings to charity 10%


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Upcycling and Recycling Precious Metals and Stones

Some jewellers excel at upcycling or recycling sentimental jewellery like wedding and engagement rings into one-of-a-kind new creations. This approach aligns with sustainable practices and adds personal significance. It’s like blending the old with the new to produce something uniquely you. Beyond fashion, it’s making a statement about your values and who you are today.

Cost Considerations

Figuring out the cost of redesigning a ring is key. It’s about finding the right solution for your budget, not just the price tag. Whether a simple modification or dramatic overhaul, a trusted jeweller will ensure you understand the options without breaking the bank. It’s about value – making something old feel new again in a way that works for you.

Remodel Starting Price Range
Simple reset with existing diamonds $450 - $1,200
Adding new side stones $500 - $800
Changing metal type $600 - $2,000+
Major structural redesign $1,000 - $2,000+
Creating new piece with existing materials $600 - $2,000+



Melting Down to Craft Something New


Melting down the rings enables you to get creative in shaping entirely new pieces. Collaborate with goldsmiths or silversmiths to make something reflecting your personal style. For instance, you could create a necklace combining the metals and gems from both rings to symbolise harmony. Or think outside the box with cufflinks, brooches or other accessories you’ll treasure. It’s a metamorphosis – reshaping the past into something beautiful and new. Rings formerly representing your bond with someone else transform into emblems of your inner strength.


Popular Ring Remodelling Ideas

Original Ring Remodelling Option
Solitaire engagement ring Turn solitaire into pendant, use band for new ring
Plain band Add engraving, gemstones or texture to band
Outdated setting Modernise setting, change metal type
Wedding set Make earrings using diamonds
Mismatched set Meld into cohesive bridal set



Exploring Different Eras and Styles

When remodelling, you can journey through different eras and styles to find the perfect fit. From Art Deco sophistication to minimalist contemporary designs, the options tap into personal expression. Embrace elegance of the past or forge a new path – the process reveals your unique tastes. It’s a chance to time travel through jewellery history and land on what resonates most right now.

Repurposing into Heirlooms

Turning the rings into enduring family treasures is a meaningful approach. Create new heirloom pieces for children or grandchildren, weaving generational significance into their design. Hand down pendants carrying your family’s history. This repurposing transforms symbols of a past relationship into treasured heirlooms conveying deep personal stories.

Others may choose to retain the original ring to pass down. This honours the past while connecting to the future. Sharing something so meaningful with future generations forges a tangible, lasting bond.

Continuing to Wear It

While unconventional, some elect to continue wearing the ring on their own terms. This conveys self-love and resilience, redefining what the ring signifies. It becomes a bold emblem of personal strength and growth.

Donating or Selling to Do Good

If the rings no longer hold personal meaning, you could sell them and donate the money to a worthy cause. Turning this transition into an opportunity to give back creates something positive. Imagine the lives touched and good done by letting go mindfully.

Navigating the Emotions and Symbolism

The process involves more than the physical rings. It’s about what they represent – old beginnings, cherished memories, healing, joy in creativity. Reflection, meaning and possibility live within each repurposing choice. The symbolism runs deep, intersecting with your values and dreams. There is beauty to be found in change.

In summary, wedding and engagement rings can be transformed through remodelling, repurposing or selling. We invite you to explore the options at our jewellery store, where we'll help guide you through this meaningful process of renewal. It’s a journey full of emotion, creativity and promise.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to remodel a ring?

The cost depends on the complexity of the redesign and materials used. Simple changes like updating the setting may start around $450. More elaborate remakes with new metals or gemstones could range from $500 to $2,000+. Consult with us for an estimate.

What are some creative ways to repurpose diamonds?

Popular options include using diamonds from rings to create new pendants, earrings, bracelets or rings. Diamonds can also be incorporated into watch faces, brooches, hair accessories and more based on your personal style. Work with a Springfield Jeweller to customise your pieces.

Can I combine metals from both rings into a new piece?

Yes, many jewellers can melt down and blend metals from different rings into a new unified piece, like a necklace or bracelets using gold and platinum together. This provides a unique melding of materials with personal significance. This is typically only possible with yellow gold and rose gold alloys. White gold and platinum cannot be melted down and remade into a new piece.

How do I donate or sell my ring?

Reputable jewellers or consignment stores can help determine your ring's value and facilitate selling it. Charities like The Diamond Charity and Chalice Gift accept ring donations directly. Online sites like also purchase rings.

What if I'm not ready to part with my ring?

It's okay to keep your ring until you're ready. Some people wait years before deciding what to do. Store it safely, and revisit when you feel prepared to move forward. There's no set timeline for this personal process.

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