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Springfield Jewellers is a family-owned and operated business located in the heart of Springfield. Jay and Kiran Parekh opened their doors to the public in 2007 where they quickly became known and appreciated for their friendly personalities and reliable customer service. 

Seven years on, Pranay joined the team and used his engineering experience to introduce 3D computer-aided design (CAD) services into the business. The addition of this technology allowed for advancement in the custom-designed jewellery space, as clients could view their design before it’s creation, allowing them to perfect it. 

Operations then moved to Orion Springfield Central and the team expanded in size with the onboarding of six highly knowledgeable and trained jewellery experts, creating the team you know today.

Springfield Jewellers now offers an in-store and online jewellery shop experience. With a focus on end-to-end, inclusive customer experience, Springfield Jewellers has developed a solid reputation of trust, honesty and integrity within the jewellery industry. Our onsite design studio allows for the design, manufacture and customisation of jewellery for the greater Springfield region, as well as offers jewellery repairs, restorations, valuations, remodelling and gold buying services.

Family History

Jay and Kiran’s motivation to establish a jewellery empire resulted from their extensive family history in the jewellery trade. The Parekh family name references ancient connections to gemology demonstrated throughout seven strong generations of the family’s involvement with jewellery. Further to this, Jay and Kiran come from ancestral bloodlines of being jewellers, and gem traders, which ultimately led their success. 

In the 1920s, the Parekh family relocated from India to Fiji and went on to create Fiji’s first-ever jewellery shop, Parekh Bros. The founders of Parekh Bros., Jay’s grandfather and his siblings saw great success with this endeavour. However, the time eventually came when the family outgrew itself and family members decided to pursue the jewellery trade separately. 

By the 1980s Jay, Jay’s brother and his Father established Safari Jewellers, a new concept jewellery store in the heart of Fiji’s capital, Suva

This enduring history of entrepreneurial spirit and accomplishments simply instilled a greater sense of motivation and perseverance into the youngest generation of the Parekh family. In 2007, Springfield Jeweller’s established vision was to always ensure remarkable customer service and a high level of sincerity was demonstrated with customers. This vision stands today and continues to be the backbone of Springfield Jewellers family business, in-store and online jewellery shop. 

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Shop 247, Orion Springfield Central
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Phone : 07 3470 1900
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