1. Custom Consultation 

This consultation is designed to discuss and explore your requirements for your custom jewellery design. You may want to recycle material that you no longer wear or you might prefer to begin the custom design process with a clean slate. We’ll discuss all the characteristics, colours, shapes, sizes, traits and stones that appeal to your taste while focusing on quality and cost-efficiency. 

Once we understand your goals, we can suggest the best approach to help you obtain the creation of your unique jewellery piece.

2. Detailed Design

This design appointment is the time to discuss all of your creative goals for your custom jewellery design. Delve into your requests regarding metal colour, quality and gemstone requirements while our artist sketches this for you. If you have other jewellery items you love, bring them along so our designer can explore ways to create a piece that accurately represents your personal style. Once this sketch is complete, we can show you your design using a three-dimensional computer-aided design. Now is the time to make final adjustments and revisions.

3. Gemstone Selection and Cut

We’ll find you the best quality gemstone for your custom fine jewellery piece. This process involves us searching extensively through our local and international suppliers, to find you only the highest quality gem. As well as placing emphasis on finding an appreciable colour and clarity stone, we also only source the most magnificent cuts for your enjoyment. We offer a selection of the finest grade diamonds including GIA certified D colour, flawless with ideal cut, as well as fancy coloured diamonds including Australian Argyle Pink and Blue Diamonds.

4. Jewellery Creation

Our jewellery craftsmen will begin by ordering new precious metal or melting your old one down. We then assemble, solder, and weld the metal into shape before adding the precious stones. Our custom jewellery designers use immense precision to set the stones level and in place, before tightening the prongs, beads and walls to ensure they remain smug. Once this is complete, the final step is to polish and finish the custom piece.

5. Presentation and Delivery

We’ll be in contact as soon as your jewellery item is finished to perfection so you can collect it immediately. We take professional images and provide you with the necessary certificate of purchase and insurance options if required.

6. Jewellery Care

Our pride in our meticulous creation is taken seriously, so we provide a lifetime guarantee on every Australian made precious jewellery item. You will have lifelong free cleaning at our custom jewellery design workshop, as well as required maintenance to ensure the longevity of your piece. We will regularly check claws and stone settings to ensure that your gemstone stays with you forever.

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