Jewellery Repairs

If you have broken or damaged jewellery and are looking for a jewellery repair service, we can help. Our jewellers offer a full range of professional jewellery repair services that make it easy for you to once again experience the pleasure of wearing your precious jewellery.

Our jewellery repair service is competitively priced while maintaining the utmost quality of craftsmanship. This has enabled us to build a reputation for quality and value. Whatever your jewellery repair, rest assured we can help. We invite you to visit our store for an obligation-free quote.

Custom Design Jewellers Australia™

As a qualified member of Custom Design Jewellers Australia™, we have the experience, skills and expertise to design and manufacture a wide range of precious jewellery items for you.

If you have a dream piece in mind, visit us in-store to see how we can turn it into a reality. We use a mix of traditional hand made techniques and modern 3D printing technology which allows us to make even the most challenging of creations. If you're stuck for ideas, book an appointment and one of our skilled team members can even help sketch your masterpiece.

We also specialise in remodelling your existing jewellery into a sparkling unique item that you will treasure for years to come. So bring in your old gold, including all those broken bits and pieces and let us turn them into something new.

Restoration, Remodelling and Remakes

Jewellery has been used, not only for adornment, but to commemorate life’s milestones for centuries. Whether worn daily or just for special occasions, whether a gift, a personal purchase or an heirloom, jewellery will, over time, wear and require the attention of a skilled jeweller.- You may choose to have that heirloom restored to its former glory – we can help.

You may choose to have that dated or unwanted item remodelled or remade. We can help. We use your existing gemstones to create a completely new setting, to create a design of your choosing. For example, we can remodel a ring into a brooch, pendant or earrings.
We can source replacements for missing or lost gemstones or match a gemstone for colour and size. We will also re-cut or polish an existing stone. To discuss your requirements please contact us and make an appointment. We treat all items left with us with extreme care and all items are fully covered by our insurance whilst in our care.


Give your loved one the perfect gift with your very own personalised engraving. Our hi-tech computerised engraving machine can engrave most materials, including gold, silver, platinum, stainless steel and titanium. We can engrave on the inside and outside of rings, ID bracelets, Thomas Sabo Lovebridge, dog tags, pendants, pens, watches, nameplates and much more.

Jewellery Care & Cleaning

Proper care and handling of your jewellery can help it maintain its beauty and sparkle for years to come. We recommend an annual inspection to promote early detection of wear and tear, which may assist in avoiding gem loss, clasp failure, etc.

All jewellery should be treasured and worn with care as an adornment. Avoid contact with household cleaners or chemicals, chlorine, bleach, salt and chlorinated water, perfumes, hairspray and cosmetics. Do not wear jewellery when showering or cleaning, and never wear jewellery to bed or while participating in sport, as this may cause kinking, snagging or breakage.

Even diamonds, although durable, may chip if impacted. Pearls should be restrung once a year. Store jewellery separately, to avoid tangling and knocking together, and use a jewellery roll when travelling. We offer specialist cleaning products for use at home, with advice on which gems and jewellery are suitable for these products, or we suggest a soft toothbrush and a mild detergent.

Watch Batteries & Bands

We fit quality Japanese made watch batteries on most brands at competitive prices. Batteries for quartz mechanism watches are always in stock. We take pride in the skill of our highly trained watch technicians, who regularly work on both cutting edge and vintage timepieces.

Despite advances in technology, modern watches still require upkeep, battery and capacitor replacement, rubber gaskets, watch band replacement, glasses, winders, the list goes on. Be assured that the utmost care will be taken with your precious timepiece. Visit us today for a new battery, a new watchband, better yet, a brilliant new timepiece for your collection.


Do you want to have your precious jewellery possessions valued? Whether for insurance replacement, probate, sales between parties, second-hand replacement value purposes, estate valuation or simply to find out what your valuables are currently worth – let us arrange a professional and independent valuation. We offer open and transparent pricing with no hidden costs.

When you have your jewellery valued you’ll find out its current replacement value. You’ll also gain the reassurance that, if anything is lost, damaged or stolen, your insurance claim will be quick and straightforward. In addition, all information is stored securely giving you long term reassurance if your document is lost. Why not call in today for an obligation-free quote?

As members of the National Council of Jewellery Valuers, our valuers adhere to strict industry codes of conduct. You can rest easy knowing your paperwork is backed by industry accredited professionals.

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