Customise Your own Ring: From Concept to Creation

Customise Your own Ring: From Concept to Creation

Most jewellery stores with their own artisans offer engagement and ring customisation services. You can customise the cut of diamonds or stones, settings, ring band materials (choice of precious metal), width, and more. Talk over your design preferences between your partner and you to come up with some ideas to bring to the jeweller. 

If you're considering customising a ring for your engagement or any other occasion but need help knowing where to start, you're in luck. This article is here to teach you the ins and outs of ring customisation options and more! Your only limits are your imagination and budget.

Can I Customise My Own Ring?

Not every ring style is for everyone- that's why there are so many styles on the market. Some customise their engagement ring to capture the unique personalities or memory between the couple. Your ring should showcase your excellent taste and fashion. Others express their personality through their fashion and accessories.

You'll need to get acquainted with the available options to customise your ring. Browse through different materials and cuts. Not only will this help you decide what you want, but it can also save you time and money once you start working with the jeweller. 

Check out your local independent jewellery stores to see if they offer customisation services. Besides shopping for styles, consider your ideal budget and keep that in mind when inquiring about services and designs. 

Once you have decided on a general style and a jeweller to work with, the fun starts. They will bring sketches and ideas to help make your vision come to life beautifully. 

Springfield Jewellers Customise Service

Springfield Jewellers offers an in-store and online jewellery shop experience. Our onsite design studio allows for the design, manufacture and customisation of jewellery throughout Australia and offers jewellery repairs, restorations, valuations, remodelling laser engraving and gold-buying services. With a focus on end-to-end, inclusive customer experience, Springfield Jewellers has developed a solid reputation of trust, honesty and integrity within the jewellery industry.

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Can A Jeweller Make a Ring From a Picture?

Bringing the jeweller a picture or two of your dream ring is an excellent idea. A photo paired with a physical description helps your jeweller see your vision all the more clearly. It is best to choose pictures that are very clear and not blurry. Bringing multiple images of the same ring from different angles is also a good idea. Consider placing another item in the photo near the ring, such as a ruler or a penny. Doing so will give them a feel for the scale. If you plan to use pictures of a ring you found online, try doing a Google image search to get more results. Remember that you want as many clear images of different angles as possible. Pinterest is another amazing source for inspiration. Why not check our page out!. Springfield Jewellers Pinterest.


How Much Does it Cost to Customise an Existing Ring?

Proposing with your grandmother's ring is cute and sentimental, but what if it is damaged or you and your partner-to-be aren't fond of the ring's older style? You can easily customise an existing ring at a trusted jewellery store. The cost of customising an existing ring depends on the style. The design's complexity, the diamond's cut, and the choice of precious metal all influence the price. It also depends on the jeweller you choose. 

On average, you can expect the cost to range anywhere from $800 to $6000 or more. It boils down to the style of ring you are trying to customise and redesign. Customising a mood ring, for example, will be significantly cheaper than your grandmother's 24-carat diamond engagement ring.


Is it Cheaper to Get a Custom Ring?

The average price Australian couples spend on an engagement ring ranges from $3,000 to $7000. Custom rings can run, on average, around $4,000 to $12,000 and upwards. However, more affordable options are always available. There is no reason to go into debt when creating a custom ring. Jewellers are always willing to work with your ideal budget to help you find what you want. Ultimately, your design choices will influence whether the customisation will be costly or affordable. 

Consider the materials you want to utilise in the design. Do you like platinum, silver, or gold? What size diamond, sapphire or other gemstones are you hoping to feature in the centre? You can also choose between lab-grown or natural diamonds. You and your partner's personal preferences will play a role in the price, but you can still shoot for the stars within a reasonable budget. If you find the right jeweller, they will always have your best interests, dream style, and budget in mind. 

Diamond Custom Ring

How Long Does it Take to design?

There is a multitude of different elements involved in making a redesigned ring come to life. From manufacturing the ring band to set the diamonds just right, your ring will go a long way from the drawing board to the final destination on your loved one's finger. You want all the details to be just right. It will take some time. On average, the process takes about eight to twelve weeks from finalising the design and receiving the first deposit. 

How Much Does it Cost to Make a Ring if You Already Have the Diamonds?

Custom rings are more affordable if you already have the diamonds. However, it still depends on how you want the ring set. The average price could go anywhere from a few hundred dollars to thousands.  For example, a simple gemstone set on an 18-carat gold ring will cost, on average, around $1,800. Many engagement rings and rings utilise multiple gemstones or diamonds, focusing on one main showstopper with smaller diamonds or stones surrounding the band. This design will cost you upwards of $2,500 or more. 

While the diamonds and stones tend to be the most costly part of any ring, you will still have the other expenses to factor in, including:

The material for the setting, whether it's platinum, silver, or gold. The width of the band.
 How you'll set the diamonds, whether around a bigger one, on the sides, or around the full band. The time and labour involved in making the ring.

Custom Ring Design

Final Thoughts

Customising your own ring is an exciting and beautiful journey that you should not undergo alone. Talking over design ideas with your partner is an excellent way to involve them and take another step towards completing something together. Finding the best jeweller to work with who sees your vision and can bring the best results within any budget is your next step to success! Happy customising!

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