Buying a diamond is a unique experience and not something most people do everyday.

Which is why having an expert on your side can prove invaluable. 

Certifications provide valuable peice of mind but unfortunately they don't mention everything; Inclusions, their size, colour or location are generally left without mention. And without the full picture, choosing the perfect diamond online can be challenging.

At Springfield Jewellers you will receive unbiased guidance with no allegiance to a particular supplier. Think of us as your personal diamond concierge providing you with access to the entire market and guaranteeing the most beautiful diamond at the very best price.

Expect Integrity and Expertise

At Springfield Jewellers, we educate and take time to explain the trading secrets so our clients know what exactly to expect. Plus you have the added guarentee that if you don't love it once we have your diamond instore you don't have to buy it. Giving you a 100% risk-free buying experience.

All Diamonds sourced by Springfield Jewellers are certified by the International Gemological Institute, graded by the GIA and then individually checked and evaluated by our highly qualified in-house gemologists.

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