Your Guide to Coloured Gemstones

Your Guide to Coloured Gemstones

Your Guide To Coloured Gemstones

Coloured gemstones are precious stones with unique colours, stories and healing properties. There are roughly 200 varieties of natural gems known in the world today, and in every colour of the rainbow. Gemstones get their unique colouring from the way that they absorb light and how light transfers through the gem. Essentially, each stone’s individual chemical composition changes the way the human eye views the gemstone’s final colour. 

As well as the more well-known gems such as diamondruby and sapphire, there’s a number of equally as beautiful, striking coloured stones such as morganitetanzanite and tourmaline. This guide will showcase some outstanding gemstones and their properties.

Birthstones by Month

A birthstone is traditionally associated with each month of the year and some months have more than one birthstone. As of 2019, the birthstones by month are:

  • January - Garnet 
  • February - Amethyst 
  • March - Aquamarine
  • April - Diamond
  • May - Emerald
  • June - Pearl and Alexandrite
  • July - Ruby 
  • August - Peridot 
  • September - Sapphire
  • October - Tourmaline and Opal
  • November - Topaz and Citrine
  • December - Turquoise, Tanzanite and Topaz


The Healing Powers of Coloured Gemstones

There are numerous legends about the healing powers of coloured gemstones and their therapeutic influences. It’s believed that wearing a birthstone during its assigned month can significantly heighten its healing powers. Learn more about each birthstone’s healing properties through the American Gem Society.

Selecting the Right Coloured Stone 

Selecting the right stone is a highly personal choice. You may choose to wear your month’s birthstone, pick one based on your attraction to its colour, or wear each birthstone during its assigned month. 

Regardless of personal preference, you should always consider your purpose for the gemstone jewellery and how it will be worn. For everyday wear, durability is important. The Mohs Scale of Hardness measures the resistance of minerals, with diamonds being the strongest gem. This consideration should be factored into your purchase decision so that you choose a stone that you love, whilst making sure it fits in seamlessly with your lifestyle.

Our Favourite Coloured Gemstones


Blue sapphire is one of the most popular coloured stones, and unknown to most, comes available in a variety of beautiful and unique colours. Ranking 9 on the Mohs hardness scale, sapphire is resistant to the effects of light, heat and common chemicals. This durability makes sapphire a fantastic choice for everyday wear, including as the featured stone in an engagement ring.

Long associated with royalty and romance, sapphires are also said to symbolise fidelity, sincerity, truth, faithfulness, nobility and the soul. 


Tanzanite is the second most popular blue gemstone following sapphire. It features a striking indigo hue, which can vary in colour from pale to very rich. Ranking 6-7 on the Mohs hardness scale, tanzanite will not break easily but is susceptible to light scratches. Due to this relative softness, tanzanite is commonly preferred as a pendant and when worn in a ring, must be treated with respect. 

Symbolically, Tanzanite is believed to be a stone for higher consciousness, intuition, desire, and can boost self-expression, creativity, wisdom and communication in the wearer. 


Tourmaline is most commonly known for its rich berry pink colouring and comes available in a spectrum of wonderful colours including green, blue and red. Ranking 7-7.5 on the Mohs hardness scale, tourmaline is vouching for a key feature in engagement jewellery. This stone is stable to light and isn’t impacted by exposure to common chemicals, however it can experience changes in colour when exposed to high temperatures.

Symbolically, tourmaline is known to promote self-confidence and diminish fear. It is thought to attract inspiration, prosperity, tolerance and compassion to the wearer.


Morganite has a distinctive peachy-pink colouring and is extremely captivating when combined with rose gold metal. Ranking 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs hardness scale, morganite is durable yet should be protected against hard knocks and scratching. This stone is suitable for everyday wear and is a beautiful stone to feature in an engagement ring.

Symbolically, the soft pink hue of morganite is often associated with romance, love and innocence. It is believed to bring compassion, joy, love and healing to those who wear it.

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