Your Guide to Freshwater Pearls

Your Guide to Freshwater Pearls

Your Guide to Freshwater Pearl Colours 

Freshwater pearls are the most commonly produced pearls which feature attractive pricing and beautiful shine. They offer a fantastic range of shapes and colours to suit any style and taste, making them a great choice for jewellery lovers all over the world. These pearls range in shape from near-round to baroque, with the preference typically being for the rounder shapes. Freshwater pearl colours are available in white, grey and black as well as a range of natural pastel colours including blush pink and lavender. 


Freshwater Pearl Origin

Freshwater pearls are grown in lakes and most commonly sourced from Japan, Indonesia, Australia and China, where a single mussel can produce multiple pearls at one time. They are almost always ‘cultured’ as they grow from real mussels or oysters on a pearl farm.


Natural Freshwater Pearl Colours

Natural freshwater pearls often are cream, white or even pastel purple. Less common, are blue, green and rose-toned freshwater pearls. Often times, pearls are treated or dyed to bring about or remove specific colours. This treatment can be done to produce an evenly coloured pearl, or enhance the richness of the existing colour. 


Springfield Jeweller’s Range of Coloured Freshwater Pearls

Springfield Jewellers offers a wide range of unique freshwater pearl colours set with sterling silver and gold precious metals. Learn about the symbolic meanings of each pearl and browse our favourite coloured freshwater pearl jewellery pieces. 


White Freshwater Pearls

White freshwater pearls are often associated with brides and bridal jewellery as they represent purity, sincerity and new beginnings. They are the most sought after colour of pearls due to their diversity and sheer beauty.  Wear them on your wrist with our 8mm white freshwater pearl bracelet, or accentuate your neckline with our 5mm white freshwater pearl and diamond enhancer pendant. Instead, for a gold-toned pair of dress earrings which represent wealth, feature our 10mm white drop freshwater pearl hook earrings at your next event or on your wedding day. 


Grey and Black Freshwater Pearls

Black pearls represent mystery, independence and strength in the woman wearing them. They pair extremely well with a monochrome wardrobe and can give an edgy look to any outfit. For the strong yet mysterious women, the 12mm grey button freshwater pearl stud earrings or 7mm dyed black round freshwater pearl stud earrings may be the everyday choice for you. Otherwise, opt for our lustrous 10mm black freshwater pearl enhancer pendant for a dress piece that’s guaranteed to impress.


Pink Freshwater Pearls

Pink pearls are known to represent energy, romance and success. Pink pearls come in a variety of hues, from very light to very rich in colour and offer romance through their appearance. Springfield jewellers have a diverse range of pink freshwater pearl jewellery to suit your preferences. Showcase ultra femininity and style with our 12mm pink button freshwater pearl ring, opt for an everyday piece of beautiful jewellery with our pink freshwater pearl studs. Or, for a pair of elegant dress earrings choose our 13mm natural pink Edison freshwater pearl shepherd hook earrings.


Multi-Coloured Freshwater Pearl Jewellery

This multi-coloured freshwater pearl strand showcases a variety of glamorous freshwater pearl colours and how well they complement each other, in a beautiful 45cm strand. We also have the matching multi-coloured freshwater pearl bracelet available. 


Shop All Freshwater Pearl Colours at Springfield Jewellers

Contact us if you would like more information on our range of freshwater pearl jewellery, we’re always happy to help. And to shop our stunning range of jewellery, shop online or visit us in-store!

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